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Prices and Terms
Mariposa Estate is one of the best values you can find in the Caribbean or anywhere, making Mariposa Estates a wise real estate investment. The land is high and dry; no wetland or swamp, and all lots are heavily wooded.

Most lots on the south section of Mariposa are approximately 5 acres (2 hectares); some smaller 1-hectare lots are available. 2-hectare lots measure 320 ft. by 650 ft. (100 meters by 200 meters) with a surface measure of 20,000 square meters. Lots on the north section (designated by "F") are 4 hectares; Lot F6 is 36 hectares; Lot F1-A is approx. 3 hectares).

Lot prices and availability

  • Lot 5 (2 hectares): $99,500
  • Lot 16 (2 hectares): $100,000
  • Lot 13 (2 hectares): $100,000
  • Lot 24 (2 hectares): $100,000
  • Lot F-1A (3 hectares): $89,500 (closest lot in this section to beach)
  • Lot F-6 (36 hectares, 90 acres): $1,200,000 See more on Lot F-6
  • Lot F-7 (4 hectares): $149,900
  • Lot F-8 (4 hectares): $149,900
  • Lot F-9 (4 hectares): $149,900
  • Lot F-10 (4 hectares): $149,900

TERMS: 25% down. HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION: Monthly fee of $50.00; $600 per year. Click here for more on Homeowners Association and Covenants


Notes on pricing
Compare land prices in Cozumel by using the Price Per Square Meter (PPSM) formula. If you are not familiar with meters and hectares: A square meter is just over 10 sq. ft. and a hectare (10,000 sq. meters) is about 2.5 acres; two hectares (20,000 sq. meters) is approximately 5 acres.

Like most places near water, the land in Cozumel gets more expensive as it gets closer to the beach. For example:

  • Beach front property in Cozumel is priced at $300 to $600 US per square meter
  • Ocean view land is approximately $250 US per square meter with basic services
  • Property in town ranges from $30 US to $250 US per square meter; some storefront lots along the waterfront may run high as $1000 US per square meter.

Compare pricing in Mariposa Estates:

  • Lots closest to the ocean are $4.48 US per sq. meter
  • Lots at the back of the development are $3.74 US per sq. meter
  • Lot F-6 is approximately $3.35 per sq. meter; total area is 90 acres (36 hectares), with a total area of 357,837 sq. meters.


See more about Mariposa in this video:

Mariposa Estates Video


Take a better look at Mariposa in this video and see for yourself the natural beauty and endless possibilities in this lush tropical setting. Lots in Mariposa Estates are an excellent value, plenty of privacy and space to grow. Mariposa Estates is within 2 miles of some of Cozumel's finest beaches and just 15 minutes from town!


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